Financing your company on ITSAL-INVEST






The platform is open to companies with a determined and complementary management team, belonging to all business sectors and developing :

If you want to open your capital, we ensure that:

If your company is registered in France and if you want to borrow money, we ensure that:


A crowdfunding campaign has to be extremely well prepared prior to the launch. The message delivered to potential investors has to be targeted, clear and coherent. The day they will be called, it is essential that they have at least already heard about the project.

RAIZERS ask you to submit your funding application accompanied by all the necessary documentation helping us to understand your activity and the fundraising campaign. After the review of these documents, a meeting will be organized.

If you want to open your capital, you submit your 3 years business plan. At least, your application must include:

If you want to borrow money, you provide at least the annual reports for the two last years. Your application must include:


If your project is selected, Raizers team conducts in-depth study to judge the viability and relevance of the project.


The financial analysis is presented to ITSAL-INVEST experts’ committee, all of them being specialist in a specific field. They issue an advisory opinion based on 4 common criteria :

Based on their opinion, either :


After the signature of the services contract, which details the operation timeline, we set up, together, the necessary tools to put the crowdfunding campaign in place:


The interested investors provide personal information after which they get access to the company information. They can also make direct contact with contractors to obtain more information about the company.

If interested in the project, the investor :

After the fundraising, you must communicate regularly with your investors to keep them informed. In some cases, they will be represented directly by Raizers.

Raizers follows your company and proposes you an interactive technical solution, easy to use and time saving, through which you will be able to inform your shareholders on the development of your company by sharing real time information and documentation.

If log on, each investor can participate via visioconference to online voting at general meetings.

ITSAL-INVEST also participate, if relevant, to the set up of securities transfer conditions (another round, LBO, IPO).


Depending on the investment product you are subscribing to, we will charge you a maximum investment fee of 3% including tax on the amount of your investment. You will find details of the fees for a dedicated transaction at Step 2 of your subscription and before signing the subscription form. You can also access it at any time in the "Documentation" tab of each operation by downloading the "Intermediary information document".

Before the launch of the campaign, Raizers might collect from issuers a maximum down payment of 8'000 € / CHF. If the operation is a success, this fixed remuneration will be deducted from the final commission, not exceeding 10% of the amount of the fund raising. If the fundraising is not finalized, only the down payment will be invoiced to the company.

Stop wanting; let’s go on this crowdfunding adventure together ! Let's build together your success story !